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Pilates and personal training
for equestrians 
in the heart of The Chilterns

Meet your Movement & Mindfulness coach

Hi I’m Victoria, a level 3 Pilates instructor and personal trainer who helps equestrians ride better. Passionate about movement and self-improvement, my mission is to inspire my clients to become the human their horse would choose. 

Got that one riding issue that you wish you could fix? Discover how off-horse exercises can solve your issues for good.


Want to feel more balanced and symmetrical in the saddle? Learn how to improve your awareness and make lasting change with off-horse exercises.  


Are nerves, anxiety or lack of confidence holding you back from truly enjoying your time with your horse? Learn how to harness off-horse exercises so you can make progress and enjoy the process.

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"The rider is the only one in the partnership that can consciously choose to

create change

...focusing on you will transform your partnership"

Our unique simulator clinics help equestrians ride better 

Rider Performance Clinic 

Ideal for riders who are: 

  • Short on time;

  • Wanting results; 

  • Seeking excellent value;

  • Want rider specific exercises;

  • Ready for change. 

Rider Performance Package

Ideal for riders who:  

  • Seek excellence;

  • Want on-going support; 

  • Are amateurs that want to train like a professional. 


Working with equestrians to improve their physical and mental fitness... that they can become the  best rider  they are capable of being.

A boutique private training studio  
for equestrians, by equestrians

Our boutique equestrian training studio in The Chilterns is equipped with a Racewood dressage simulator, Balanced Body reformers and smaller equipment to help you upgrade your riding


The MME studio offers a sanctuary to focus solely on yourself, your goals, and your riding. In this distraction-free environment, you can absorb information and reflect faster, leading to transformative moments and significant, lasting change with your horse.

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  • Understand how off-horse exercises will solve your riding problem(s) for good;

  • Discover how easy it is to complete a personalised rider programme around your busy life;

  • Experience how off-horse exercise improve your stability, symmetry and precision in the saddle;

  • Learn  how you can harness mindset exercises to enhance your rides, competitions and connection with your horse

Are you ready to experience what MME can do for you?

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Victoria has an incredible skill - she can facilitate her clients to open their minds to maximise their own individual ways of learning. The energy she puts into each session is boundless. I’d recommend this method to anyone who wishes to further their understanding of body biomechanics on and off the horse. For best results regular sessions builds a great depth to training.


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