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Helping people fulfil their goals...

and feel great in the process! 

Meet Victoria - Your Movement & Mindfulness Coach

My mission is to motivate and support my clients to be the healthiest and happiest versions of themselves.

I have a special interest in horse riding but also enjoy hiking, cycling, skiing, running…basically anything in the great outdoors! Through Pilates, I find balance and train for longevity. 

I believe it just as important to train your mind (brain) as it is your matter (body). My coaching is centred on reformer Pilates but draws upon my other skills for a personalised, holistic service. 



At Movement & Mindfulness, Pilates will transform your body, and mind.


​No matter your fitness level, our fully equipped studio is suitable for everyone. Combining contemporary Pilates with a dynamic fitness approach to deliver results. 


Winning marathons? Getting up/down on the floor to play with your grandchildren? Competing in triathlons pain free? Swimming faster in retirement? Recovering from surgery? Supporting weight loss? Getting through a break up? Equestrians looking to ride better?

My goal is to help YOU accomplish your goals.​

Your health is your 

greatest wealth

and I'm here to help
you achieve that


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