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Press ahead with core stability

One of the exercises we use at our Rider Performance Clinics is the Pallof Press. It trains stability, challenging you to resist rotation as you press away, so it is great for anyone who twists or collapses in the saddle.

Personal trainer coaches client in Pallof Press technique

How to do the Pallof Press:

  • Attach a resistance band to a fixed point at chest height.

  • Hold the other end of the band between both hands, with your hands in line with your midline

  • Step away from the fixed point until there is some tension on the band

  • With feet hip width apart, press your hands slowly away from your body, and then resist back in

  • Keep your hands in line with your midline and your hips/shoulders facing forwards

This is one of our favourite anti-rotation exercises because it can also be performed on the simulator. Please do not try this on a real horse, they are not gym equipment!

Pallof Press on Racewood horse simulator

Although the base of support (feet vs. seat) differs, it provides riders with the feeling of increased stability in the saddle and allows them to clearly link their off-horse training to their riding.

Linking your off-horse exercises to your riding is what makes our Rider Performance Clinics so successful:

  • Feeling the benefit of the exercises in the saddle - if you can feel a movement helps then you will want to keep repeating it!

  • Understanding why an exercise is relevant - when you know how it helps you and your horse you will want to keep repeating it.

  • We keep the programmes short, simple and tailored to the equipment that you have and where you intend to perform the exercises - we make it easy for you!


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