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If you're not assessing, you're guessing

WHY do we assess?

We use assessments to gather information about how well a rider moves.


Racewood simulator sensor report

HOW do we assess? 

Our Racewood dressage simulator has rein, leg and seat sensors sensors and a reliable, repetitive movement. This provides us with information about the riders movement that we cannot get from riding a real horse, where the horse's influence cannot be separated or the movement reliably repeated.


Unfortunately Autumn (that's her name!) isn't such a good traveller, so it is useful to have an off-horse method that corroborates what we see on the simulator. At our Rider Performance Clinics we use the Overhead Squat Assessment from the National Academy of Sports Medicine because it is repeatable, research-based and can easily be repeated anywhere, making follow-up easy.

Equestrians performing overhead squat assessment

WHAT do we do with the information?

We use it to inform our decisions on what exercises will be most beneficial off-horse, which riding techniques to recommend based on your current ability and to measure progress, both after short-term interventions and over time. These are all recorded in your Rider Performance Manual, a 24 page booklet filled with trackers, advice and your on- and off-horse exercises/key points for the next 4 weeks.

Rider Performance Manual

WHERE can I get an assessment?

The combined simulator and off-horse assessments are currently available as part of the Rider Performance Clinics but this summer we are going to be bringing an off-horse group format to your yard! If you are interested in organising a group session for your riding club, friends, yard or clients, please register your interest below.

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