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Did your nerves hold you back from riding today because it was really windy?

Growing up, so many of us have been encouraged to override our body's safety signals when it comes to riding either a horse that is not safe, in a situation that is not safe, or is beyond our current skillset. Revered were the riders who could stay on any horse, often ones that we now recognise were likely in pain, and anyone who didn't attempt this might have been labelled a 'snowflake' or made to feel guilt/shame for not having been 'brave' enough.

Holding your breath, pinching with your knees, tipping forward, fixing the hands down...just a few of the coping strategies our body's come up with to try and keep us safe....all of which impacts our horse as they respond to the bracing...and before we know it, our fantasies of how things go wrong start to become self-fulfilling prophecies.

So, if your nerves held you back from riding today because it was windy, I invite you to ask yourself the following question: were those nerves my body’s way of communicating that it really wasn’t safe to ride today?"

Here are some reasons it may not have been safe to ride in the wind today….

If the answer to any of these was YES, then congratulations for listening to your internal health and safety officer, it did it's job and kept you safe today! Don’t allow any external pressures to cultivate feelings of guilt or shame, there is nothing shameful about staying safe when working with a horse! 

If the answer was NO, then what SMALL SIMPLE STEP could you take to get you closer to your goal of riding regardless of the weather conditions? Even if you have to start really grooming your horse in the field on a windy day, or walking in-hand in the arena...what small step could you take that you would definitely succeed at?

Would you like more help improving your confidence, breaking down your riding obstacles and finding solutions for you and your horse?

Set yourself up for success with our Performance Package: the complete rider package for mind and body. This fully supported 5-week package is aimed at any rider with a clear goal and is committed to change, irrespective of discipline.

Starting with a Rider Performance Clinic at the MME studio, we use off-horse biomechanics assessments along with the state of the art Racewood simulator, to create a personalised strength and conditioning program that will help you to overcome weaknesses in your riding and become stronger and more confident in your abilities. We will begin to train your brain like your horse, so that it is equipped for any obstacles your may encounter and you will learn how to find solutions for long-term success.

The clinic is followed by 4 weeks of online support with an efficient, effective programme to condition your mind and body.

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