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Be the rider your horse would choose

The 'Performance Wheel' is a valuable tool to assess, and enhance, the attributes that a rider needs to possess to perform at their best. Regular evaluations can help track progress and highlight any areas that require attention.

Let's begin by imagining your ideal rider. This might be someone famous, someone you know, or a future version of yourself that does not exist, yet.

Performance Wheel Coaching Tool

What attributes would this ideal rider possess?

On a first sheet of paper, draw a big circle, with 8-10 segments. Label each of these segments with the attributes that you have just identified above. Now, if 10/10 would be the perfect version of your ideal rider, rate yourself against each segment based on where you are currently, out of 10.

Shade the circle to give a visual of how you measure up to your ideal.

Now, on a new page, draw the same circle.

Modified Performance Wheel Coaching Tool

This time, label the segments with the attributes that you think your horse requires of you as a handler/trainer/rider.

You may or may not wish to include aspects of environment/management in this wheel.

Again, rate yourself out of 10 for how you currently show up.

Now compare the two wheels: what do you notice?

Do you think your horse can perform at it's best if you aren't the equestrian it needs? Has this made you re-assess your own performance wheel attributes? Do you think you have balanced the needs of your horse with your own goals? Have you met the needs of your horse so that you can meet your goals?

Let me know what you discovered in the comments.


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