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Invest in yourself

it pays the  best  interest


At the MME studio we focus on long-term results, for the good of the horse and the rider. 

We offer two monthly clinic formats to help you make meaningful, sustained progress. 

Unsure which format will suit you best? Try our handy clinic selector. 

Performance Package 

EC Performance Training

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Do you want to excel this season? 


This year, give yourself the best chance to succeed by ensuring that you are physically and mentally prepared for the upcoming competition season. We focus on you! Your time is valuable and we will provide an efficient, effective programme that does not waste your time.

How will we help you achieve those precious marginal gains?


We don’t guess, we assess! Using the Racewood simulator we will assess your movement both on and off the horse. We will get to know you so that we can prepare and support you. Your goal is our goal and we are committed to results! 


Following the initial Rider Performance Clinic we will write you a bespoke programme that we will personally coach you through. This will include: personal training sessions (online or in person) and mindset mentoring (online). Our aim is to help you reach your peak performance for your big event and maintain it throughout the season. This program will equip you, as a rider, both physically and mentally for competition. 

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We offer two package options to suit all levels of riders. What's included: ENHANCER: : This 4-week follow on package is crafted for riders seeking a competition-oriented mindset whilst building upon an existing foundation of strength and fitness. ELEVATOR: Ideal for riders aiming for substantial physical gains and a competitive mindset, this 10-week package offers comprehensive support.

Rider Development Clinics 

Aspire Equestrian Riding Academy 

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Rider Development Clinics Gallery

Be the rider your horse would choose! 

We have created a dynamic, interactive and enjoyable learning environment

for accelerated skill development


Before the event, send us video of your riding for an initial assessment. This ensures your studio visit is tailored to you and your horse. 

In the MME studio, each rider benefits from one-to-one coaching on the Racewood simulator. Our collaborative approach ensures a comprehensive understanding of rider and horse dynamics. 

Learn from each other's sessions and from the combined expertise of riding and biomechanics coaches. 

Like-minded individuals create a supportive, fun and friendly community for lots of learning and laughter. Keep motivated to fulfil your goals with encouragement from group members and a supportive collaboration from Wiola and Victoria. 

What’s included: -Pre clinic video review and written coach commentary -Explore movement and techniques to improve riding -Personalised exercises to take away and practice on your horse -Off-horse exercises to develop out of the saddle

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Victoria has an incredible skill - she can facilitate her clients to open their minds to maximise their own individual ways of learning. The energy she puts into each session is boundless. I’d recommend this method to anyone who wishes to further their understanding of body biomechanics on and off the horse. For best results regular sessions builds a great depth to training.

Zoe, Rider Development Clinic

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