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Helping equestrians fulfill their goals...

and feel great in the process! 

Hi I’m Victoria, your Movement & Mindfulness coach.

I live in the heart of The Chilterns with my partner, three dogs and four horses.


Combining my passions for horses and wellness I help riders fulfil their goals and feel great in the process! I believe it is just as important to train your mind (brain) as it is your matter (body) - you can’t separate them after all!

I am an EquiPilates Biomechanics Trainer, Franklin Method Equestrian - Franklin Ball Certified and Centre 10 Advanced Coach.

Working with equestrians to improve their physical and mental fitness... that they can become the  best rider  they are capable of being.

A boutique private training studio  
for equestrians, by equestrians

The MME magic starts when you click ‘book now’. Once you commit to attending the studio, you have already opened yourself up to the opportunity to transformEntering a dedicated learning zone, free of distraction, you give yourself the time and space to absorb new information and reflect on it. This process can create lightbulb moments that lead to significant, lasting change with your horse.

Are you ready to experience what MME can do for you?


Combining strength, mobility and mindset to help you achieve your best - in and out the saddle!

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A few reasons why our simulator  'Autumn' is the perfect partner to help you build new skills:


No need to worry about her fitness or her brain, Autumn allows you to repeat a movement as many times as you need, whether that is practicing tempi’s or doing fitness intervals ready for the eventing season.


Autumn provides consistent, balanced movement in all paces so if there are ‘issues in your tissues’ they are yours to own…and we have the opportunity to play with changing them.


No spooking, bolting, or falling in/out on any corner of the arena! Autumn allows you complete peace of mind to focus on yourself during the session.

Simulator sessions include a visual assessment of your performance supported by data from our Racewood Dressage Simulator.

We will enhance your physical capabilities with personalised exercises and improve your technique by connecting the dots between on- and off-horse exercises. 


You will leave the studio with imagery and feelings to repeat on your horse(s) for lasting change.

Suitable for all riders from beginners to professionals!



Breathe. Concentration. Control. Precision. Centring. Flow. 

Discover how moving with the Principles of Pilates can elevate your riding. 

Pilates will help you improve your strength, mobility, awareness, balance, coordination, focus and straightness in the saddle. 

Suitable for every body! 

Which simulator clinic is right for me? 

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